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Exterior Only Wash Menu

— No Interior Cleaning —

*NOTE: We do not spray or clean navigation screens or displays.

Car Wash Add On Menu

  • Hot Wax – $5.00

  • Liquid Ceramic Sealant – 7.00

  • Single Rubber Mat – $4.00

  • Shampoo Carpet Mat – $4.00

  • Single Row Mat – $6.00

  • Shampoo Single Row Mat – $6.00

  • Rear Hatch Mat – $7.00

  • Shampoo Hatch Mat – $7.00

  • Dash Protect – $6.00

  • Exterior Trim Shine – $5.00

Which hand-finished wash is best for you?

Answer the questions below — whichever column the majority of your answers fall in is the best wash for you.





How often do you go between car washes?

A few weeks

A couple of months

More than a couple of months

Do you store your car in a garage?

Always in a garage at home

Some garage parking

Typically not in a garage

How many miles do you drive?

Less than average

More than average

Much more than average

How many passengers do you typically have? 

Just me

Plus one

Whole family or team

How many passengers have allergies?

No one

Just me

Whole family or team

Is your car used for business?



All the time

Are there typically animals or gear in your car?


A small pet and/or an occasional golf bag

Big dogs, and/or lots of gear/equipment

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Express Car Wash by Car Pool Menu

The following washes are only available at the Express Car Wash by Car Pool on Chamberlayne (Exterior Only Location). It’s a fast, affordable, location located in Downtown Richmond. Every paid wash includes use of our vacuum area.