Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Mechanicsville Location Antique Ducks
What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive, pull into any available lane or follow the directions from the attendant. Then follow these instructions:

➊ Choose a WASH with attendant

➋ Leave your KEY with your vehicle

➌ Unlock all the DOORS

➍ Close all WINDOWS and SUNROOF

➎ Turn off AUTO-WIPERS

➏ Secure or remove VALUABLES

➐ Leave TRUNK open to vacuum

Which Hand-Finished Car wash is best for me?

Answer the questions below—whichever column the majority of your answers fall in is the best wash for you.




How often do you go between washes?

A few weeks

A couple months

More than a couple months

Do you store your car in a garage?

Always in a garage at home

Some garage parking

Typically not in a garage

How many miles do you drive?

Less than average

More than average

Much more than average

How many passengers do you typically have?

Just me

Plus one

Whole family or team

How many have allergies?

No one

Just me

Whole family or team

Is your car used for business?


Some clients

Always selling

Are there typically pets or gear in your car?


A small pet and/or an occasional golf bag

Big dogs, and/or lots of gear/equipment

Will you vacuum my trunk?

Yes, but because this is a secured area, please ask the Service Advisor when you are checked in. They will then ask you to open your trunk and we will make sure the trunk is vacuumed.

What is the height restriction for the car wash?

We will wash vehicles that are lower than 83 inches.

Will my bicycle and ski racks be ok going through the car wash?

These items must be removed, even if they are below our 83-inch clearance. They can be caught and pulled by some of the soft wash material and cause damage to the vehicle.

Will my bug shield be safe?
Unfortunately, we can’t be responsible for aftermarket accessories made of plastic. Most customers who have bug shields wash their vehicles with no incident. However, problems can arise if the shield has already been damaged by rock chips, or by stress cracks around the installation screws (which can be hard to detect), or if it is made from low-grade plastic. If you need a new bug shield, we recommend products made of Lexan, such as Lund or Deflecta-Shield, which are virtually indestructible.
Will the car wash remove egg?

If you get to the car wash before the egg dries, it might be removed in the wash. Dried egg is very corrosive, and damage starts almost immediately. 

Will a cracked windshield be safe in the wash?
Not always, once even very small rock chips compromise the integrity of windshield glass, it becomes more susceptible to changes in temperature. So, while you may wash your vehicle with windshield damage, cracks or chips may expand. It’s always best to repair or replace a damaged windshield immediately.
Is the wash safe for newly painted cars?
Yes. We use cloth wash materials and mild cleaners. However, the paint should be allowed to cure before washing. Consult with your body shop for curing times. Typically, paint on new cars is fully cured before delivery.