Responsibility Disclaimer

Car Pool Car Wash is not responsible for damage to:

  • Non-Standard or Aftermarket Roof Racks
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Loose Bumper Covers
  • Bug or Window Shields
  • Windshield Cracks or Rock Chips
  • Interior Video Screens or Monitors
  • Aftermarket or Oversized Rims
  • Valve Stem Extensions
  • Screws, Nails, or Items found in Tires
  • Non-Dealer Installed or Aftermarket Accessories
  • All Antennas including Shark Fin Style Antennas
  • Loose Emblems/Molding/Decals, Power Mirrors, Wiper Blades, or External Cameras
  • Pre-Existing Damage
  • Vehicles greater than 10 years old


Please remove all items and debris from the bed of your pickup truck prior to your wash.


Please remove any belongings you may consider to be of value before leaving your vehicle in our care.