Yikes, where did that crack come from on my windshield?

Yikes, where did that crack come from on my windshield?

The summer heat is finally here and on these hot days, it is important to watch how your use of water affects your car, especially your windshield.


Hot weather can be the cause for auto glass replacement* for many reasons. People travel more in the summer for vacations. This can make it more likely for windshields to get cracks and chips. Cold water on a hot windshield can cause the glass to expand and contract, sometimes resulting in breakage. This is not the fault of the car wash or the car owner it is a simple fate of a law of nature.

The risk of a crack spreading in auto glass increases dramatically if you have a rock chip on your windshield. It is imperative to have small cracks repaired as quickly as possible by an auto glass professional. Repairs take about 15 minutes to do and most insurance companies will waive your deductible and take care of it at no cost to you.

Here are some hot weather care tips to help prevent a cracked windshield:

  1. Get rock chips repaired right away! Heat, road vibrations, even temperature, and pressure changes can cause the smallest rock chip to spread.
  2. Park your car in the shade. The baking sun is the biggest culprit for windshields cracking out during the summer. Keep your car parked in the shade until the windshield is repaired. It is also a good idea to keep several windows rolled down about half an inch to reduce the internal temperature of your car.
  3. Avoid sudden temperature changes. Avoid cold water in the heat of the day. Don’t blast your ice-cold A/C directly on the hot windshield. The sudden temperature changes can cause small chips and microscopic cracks or flaws to start cracking.
  4. Don’t slam your doors. Damage, such as a rock chip, causes a weak spot in your windshield. Slamming the car door causes a sudden pressure change that might cause the rock chip to spread.


Please Note: Factors that can’t be controlled by Car Pool Car Washes contribute to the spreading of cracks in glass, for these reasons, Car Pool Car Wash will not be responsible for the repair of cracks in auto glass.

*Sources: Bill’s Glass, Jack’s Glass Shop

It’s been raining, are you open?

It’s been raining, are you open?

We do our best to be available when you want your vehicle washed.

During morning showers we work to be patient and open later in the day, usually around noon or when the rain stops. If it is still raining around noontime, we may have to remain closed for the balance of the day.

This does not apply to all locations as it can be raining in some areas and clear in others. Mother Nature is so unpredictable, we attempt to anticipate the weather and balance it with the customer demand. Quite often we make the right call, other times we are caught with the sun out after we have released our crews or have very limited staff available.

Hey you didn’t vacuum my trunk…

Hey you didn’t vacuum my trunk…

Your trunk is considered a secured area, please ask the Service Advisor when you are checked in to clean it. They will then ask you to open your trunk and we will make sure the trunk is vacuumed.

Life is dirty and so is your truck…

Life is dirty and so is your truck…

Have truck will travel.

When bringing in your pickup, we are happy to see you but we have a few things we’d like you to keep in mind:

  • Please clear the bed of all items large and small before arrival. Whenever possible, we will assist you to remove them, as items left in pickup truck beds are harmful to our wash process.
  • We do have a few restrictions:
    • Maximum height is 84″
    • Maximum width is 84″
    • Maximum tire width is 12″ (location specific)
  • When purchasing a mini detail service there may be an upcharge if our staff has to use a ladder to reach the top of your vehicle.
  • Aftermarket or dealer ordered custom features such as wheels, visors, bug shields, spoilers etc. are not always safe to send through any car wash or ours. Please wash these items at your own risk.

Is your car spreading germs?

We take pride in our cars, what if I told you you’re harboring germs in that seat next to you?

Germs Car Seat

Don’t let that squeaky-clean look of the car’s exterior deceive you. Hitching on for a ride in the interior can be all sorts of germs, bacteria, mold, viruses and dust mites. We bring a lot along for the ride by placing briefcases, purses, backpacks, and shopping bags on some pretty germy places such as public bathroom floors, shopping carts, and other less-than-desirable resting spots that go from there to the front seat of the car bringing along germs.

Jill Holdsworth is an infection preventionist and is president of the DC Metro Chapter of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology. She says the car can be a very big place to pass bacteria back and forth if you are not careful.

“The No. 1 hot spots would be anywhere that you touch with your hands,” Holdsworth said. These areas include the steering wheel, radio, gear shift, cup holders and interior car seats.

Wash your car regularly, inside and out by the professionals at Car Pool Car Washes. Try one of our Mini Detailing Services. If you have tough stains or water damage, that’s no problem for Car Pool Detail. You always leave clean and dry! We love to clean your car, inside and out!

SOURCE: www.apic.org/infectionpreventionandyou

Did you know…Dishwashing detergent is a no-no?

Dish soap is for dishesDishwashing detergent is meant to remove everything from the surface…

That’s great for dishes, but not so great for your car. Stripping everything includes stripping the polymers off the paint surface…the effect is similar to what dishwashing soap does to your hands. Too much will dry the skin.

On the surface of a car, the same thing occurs; dishwashing soap actually accelerates the oxidation process when used regularly. At Car Pool Car Washes we pride ourselves on Guarding the Life of your Car! Check out our washes, there’s surely one that fits your budget!